Meet our Solutions Consultant Manager: Angel Sandoval

Angel Sandoval is what you call an intra-prenuer and Go to Market specialist, currently serving as the Solutions Consultant Manager of uSource. Angel has a proven track record of building successful go to market strategies, has been part of multiple startups in their early days, and has now been involved in the facility maintenance space for the last couple of years.

Industry Success:

Angel is the co-host of one of “The Profitable Cleaner” – one of the top podcasts in the facility maintenance industry & Co-owner of Dayporter LLC an Lead Generation and Sales consulting company in the Commercial Cleaning industry & Co-creator of the Cleaning Prophet$.

“I’ve become obsessed with learning about this industry and serving the amazing leaders that the industry has built” – Angel Sandoval

In the last year Angel has moved his family to 3 different states to pursue his knowledge and opportunities to serve this industry. 

Why join uSource?

There are 3 reasons Angel decided to join uSource as they tackle the Facility Maintenance industry and more.

    1. Product Adoption & Opportunity 
    After having worked with multiple commercial cleaning companies of different sizes, Angel was able to identify common themes and problems, one of them being technology. When he learned about the technology, the founder, and did research on the competition this decision was a no-brainer. 

    “It’s rare you get the opportunity to partner with a visionary that has the product ot back up the vision. I’m excited to help thousands of company through the uSource platform”

      2. Ecosystem
      Being part of the Profitable Cleaner podcast and Dayporter LLC, their own clients had questions about technology, processes, vendor management, front line management, etc. Angel was never able to help in those regards. Bringing the uSource platform into his existing ecosystem, committing to the industry and becoming part of the uSource ecosystem improved the opportunity to impact more cleaning companies.

      “Now we can combine technology, services, and the podcast to do what we were meant to do. Grow cleaning companies” – Angel


      Angel mentioned this is part of a bigger plan that not even he can comprehend, only GOD can. GOD led him to James who introduced him to the industry, became his business partner. Dayporter created the Profitable Cleaner podcast, uSource was interested in Dayporter because of the podcast. The podcast led Angel to learning about uSource and moving to Houston, committing to the growth of Commercial Cleaning companies.

      Who should reach out to you to learn about uSource? 

      If you’re a Director of Operations, CEO, COO of a Commercial Cleaning company and struggling to keep strong operations or have multiple softwares just to service an account.

      At the end of the day you shouldn’t spend more than 50% of your time on data consolidation or administrative work… focus on leading and growing the company

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